BALEENkitchen in Sole Miami serving inspired cuisine

Inside the lovely Sole Miami, a Noble House Resort is BALEENkitchen a restaurant that according to their website is named after the Baleen whale described as “a majestic migrator who travels through international waters feasting throughout the arctic, the tropics and everywhere in between.”

It’s the whale’s nomadic nature that inspires the menu which in my opinion, is best enjoyed with a waterfront view.

The ahi tuna tacos are a great starter for the meal. Crunchy tacos surround ahi grade tuna with avocado, micro cilantro, toasted sesame seeds and sriracha aioli.

The lobster sliders are another nice appetizer, lobster made with chili crema and topped with crispy jalapenos served on a soft roll. Tender lobster nestled between two pieces of pillowy bread? Sign me up, again and again.

Their bistro combo was my lunch choice. I opted for the turkey club sandwich made with crispy bacon, cheddar, creamy avocado, crispy romaine, juicy tomato, aioli and pocket bread. The half sandwich is served with choice of soup and salad. I picked the mushroom soup and caesar salad. The soup was creamy and the perfect portion and the buttery croutons put the classic salad over the top.

Then for dessert it was the classic chocolate lava cake served with creamy vanilla gelato. Who can resist a moist chocolate cake that oozes chocolate sauce from the inside.

Congrats to Executive Chef Matthew Richman for putting together a stellar menu. Next time you’re in Sunny Isles Beach stop in to Baleen Kitchen, there are plenty more great options on the menu you’ll want to try. You’ll find yourself wanting to return and try them all.

Baleen Kitchen in Sole Miami, 17315 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach 786.923.9300

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