Art Basel: Faena Art Dome on beach complete with red carpet

In true Art Basel style, Miami Beach’s newest hotel/entertainment complex Faena is hosting their Faena Art Design Dialogues in what they’re calling at Time Capsule. The colorful dome shaped structure is firmly place directly on the beach, with a long red carpet leading to its entrance.

Inside the crowd gathered, sipping wine and sitting on lounge chairs covered in Faena’s signature red and white design.

Although there were issues with the AV and the mics weren’t up to par, moderator Courtney Kenefick, fashion editor for Surface magazine held court with Designers Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston.

The two entrepreneurs spent the morning discussing their business ventures and waxing poetic about the different philosophies the younger generation has about the business world.

Virgil hails from Illinois and is an architect, creative director and designer. He launched his clothing line Off-White in 2012 and has worked with various artists in music, art and fashion. His creative background is a true influence in his work and business mantra.

“You have to steer a brand like when you surf a wave. I like being immersed in culture because some of the best ideas are only going to come out in conversation after 10 p.m. and that’s how you direct a brand,” he said. “We’re getting inspired by the moments that happen when you collide with culture.”

Heron who is a DJ and streetwear designer and has been global digital producer for Nike and creative director for Kanye West, moved to New York City from San Francisco. One of his most notable projects was with the New York Department of Sanitation, an idea that came to him during a moment of enlightenment when litter brushed up against him while he was swimming in Ibiza.

“It was then I realized that litter was something I truly hate and so after several tries, I connected with the New York Sanitation Department,” he said. “It resulted in a collaborative project where we made uniforms for the works using donated sanitation working uniforms as well as donated t-shirts from Goodwill and Housing Works.”

The collection debuted in New York in September and is helping to raise awareness of New York’s 0X30 initiative, striving to send zero waste to landfills by 2030.

Both Virgil and Heron concluded the morning by agreeing that working on multiple projects at once is how the younger generation works. And when asked about the fear of being labeled a sellout they said “we can make commercial things cool and that’s what contemporary culture is too. Selling out is such an old term. Everyone should just sell out more because we’ll have better things and on a mass scale. It wasn’t that way 10 years ago.”

Faena dome

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