222 Taco’s La Margarita Shop debut was one fun party

I couldn’t believe the amount of drinks they’d planned to bring out and the abundance of food, oh so much food, at 222 Taco for the party to celebrate the debut of their new La Margarita Shop.

There were margaritas of all styles, shapes and sizes, as shots, in mule mugs and in lovely cocktail glasses. They were paired with tacos, carne asada fries, guacamole, sliders and churros.

Tortilla maker

First off though, the tablescape, colorful, whimsical and oh so Mexican.

Chips and guac
Assortment of tacos
Carne asada fries (Facebook)



Then we noshed on fresh guacamole and chips, carne asada fries made with herb fries topped with tender carne asada and creamy guac sauc, a platter of every one of four of their top tacos, homemade corn tortillas filled with choices like cauliflower al pastor, steak, chicken or shrimp and why stop there, they also brought a platter of nachos topped with chicken, carne asada, queso, crema and guac sauce. The Cali-Mex sliders took it over the top, just over the top, made with a chorizo-beef blend and topped with queso, lettuce, tomato and creamy avocado and the Mexican pizza, with a tortilla crust and topped with mushrooms and pineapple did too. The elote was a delicious, decandent, creamy side/starter.

Then there were the drinks, the ones I mentioned came in mugs, copper glasses, shot glasses and rimmed with all types of goodies.

Here’s the rundown of what we had:

Mezcal con Sangrita

Mamarita la rosa
Mango rum rita
Sandia slushy
Casa 222 shot

For descriptions on all these delicious libations, I strongly encourage you to visit the La Margarita Shop inside 222 Taco. The bartenders will take great care of you and the DJ’s soundtrack will keep you dancing on your bar stool.

The reason there were so many drinks this night? Because it was just days before National Margarita Day and La Margarita Shop was debuting.

222 Taco, 1674 79 St. Cswy., North Bay Village, 833.222.8226

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